[ringback tone: sweet caroline tweedles away for 30 seconds, before going to voicemail]

Hey guys, it's Hollis. If you're calling for me....uh. I guess I'm pretty obviously not here right now? Anyway. Leave me some love and I'll get back to you--oh. And if this is about any auto or bike repair or anything, come down to the shop. I'll see if I can help you out.

if you're telling the truth, what does that make me?
good question in light of....stuff. I haven't slept all that well in three days now. really makes a party out of trying to pay attention in class. I'm pretty sure Ms. Zandt is going to kill me if I nod off again.

except. even then. the sleep-spells don't last all that long. I can't close my eyes? I don't know. I think, maybe, I'm overtired.

I haven't had bad dreams about the farm in years. maybe...I don't know. something's gotta give.

Moe Vernon's Auto Shop
[the shop is, as usual, full of the smells of gasoline and grease, and the constant murmur of tinkering and clanging. and, of course, the quiet rhythms of the shop guys' joking, and sneering, and swearing.]

[Hollis arrives at work thoroughly frustrated (to say the least) by this week at school. tosses his backpack in one of the backroom lockers and proceeds to loiter in the break room until he hears Vernon shouting for him to get to work. sighs heavily and heads into the garage, feeling at once tense and exhausted]

class schedules, anyone?
look up
Got mine about a week ago. I guess everything looks pretty cool?

Required classes:
- Biology--Dreiburg
- European History--Veidt (I've never had him before; I heard he's a monster of a grader though. Awesomesauce.)
- Trigonometry (...anyone know a good tutor?)
- American Lit
- Gym

- Shop
- Home Ec--Jupiter (shut the fuck up. I need a credit to graduate.)

...I may have to take another language credit, which would mean I have no free periods. I guess that would suck since...senior year's supposed to be fun, right? Oh well. If I have to, I'll be asking for recommendations on which language from those of you who are more academically-apt than myself. Right now I'm thinking maybe French?

But uh. What's everyone else's schedule look like?


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